Reliable Solutions
For Your Finances

Reliable Solutions
For Your Wealth

HACHIKO FINANCIAL is much more than just a financial advisor
we are here to make your goals a reality; no matter what your objective is
HACHIKO FINANCIAL offers custom-made solutions for high net worth families
to help preserve, accumulate, grow and transfer fortunes across generations

The Hachiko Difference

Loyalty and commitment are the pillars of our company, and as such we take care of our trusted clientele worldwide.


You Can Trust Hachiko

HACHIKO FINANCIAL is a financial services company with international presence and almost 20 years of experience in the market.

Our professionals have the necessary experience and ability to analyze the latest market trends and adjust them to meet the needs of each client.

Likewise, we strive to understand in depth the interests of our clients in order to provide them with sustainable solutions.

What We Do

Individuals around the world turn to Hachiko to provide them with the advice, expertise and opportunities
they need to allocate, protect and grow their wealth


Depending on each client’s needs,
we set up proper structures

Asset Management

Consolidation of assets, allocation, performance, VAR. All tailored to client’s needs and visions


Organize, open and follow up of
bank accounts for you

Fixing Financial Issues

We provide a wide range of solutions for each individual (from PEPs to retirees)

Citizenship Programs

Our concierge subsidiary in Antigua will assist you in obtaining citizenship in those jurisdictions that offer such possibility through their governmental programs

Rare Art Collections

Our concierge subsidiary in Antigua have access to private art collections, if you are a buyer or a seller, we can address you in the right direction and assist you during the process.

One of a Kind Personalized Attention

In a world where everything is automated and standardized, we focus our personal attention on your needs.

Intermediation with financial institutions

Opening, follow up and dealing with bank accounts on your behalf.
For your comfort, we are here to make sure to match the highest standard of compliance practices on KYC and KYT.

Screening of institutions

Our networks of banks are deeply screened and supervised by our experts.
We offer a wide range of solutions in different jurisdictions, carefully selected to comply with your needs and goals.

Choose your advisor

Our team distinguishes itself for efficiency, precision and confidentiality.

Qualified Advisers

You have a goal and we have a way to reach it; our specialists will work to offer personalized options to help meet your unique needs

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