Cayman Island

Reliable Solution For Your Finances

Loyalty, Commitment and Privacy

Optimizing your future with almost 20 years’ experience in tailored services of financial advisory. From the opening of bank accounts to the management of your assets or the simply executions of your instructions.


Building and setting up the right structure to protect your wealth


Selecting the right institution, opening and following up bank accounts

Wealth Management

Discretionary, non -discretionary or execution only mandate

KYC and KYT, The Compliance World

In today’s world it is vital to comply with banks policies.
All our counterparts and customers are carefully selected. Whether you are a retiree, an executive or a government official (PEP), we can help you prepare a complete compliant file that meets all the requirements to be successfully sent to a financial institution
Each individual and each transaction is carefully screened for the client protection and privacy.
We are experts in intervening existing complicated realities and solve them.

Areas of Practice

Individuals around the world turn to Hachiko to provide them with the advice, expertise and opportunities they need to allocate, protect and grow their wealth


Identify and set up proper structures (corporations, trusts, foundations) in relation to the specific client’s needs.



Organize, open and follow up of bank accounts in carefully selected and screened financial institutions and jurisdictions.

Asset Management

Consolidation of assets, allocation, performance, VAR: Hachiko merges client’s information to have a full and complete picture of the financial state of affair.

Rare Art Collections

Our concierge subsidiary in Antigua has access to private art collections, if you are a buyer or a seller, we can address you in the right direction and assist you during the process.

Fixing Financial Issues

Tailor-made assistance to each client on different topics as investments, cards, transfers, credit lines and other.

Citizenship Assistance

Our concierge subsidiary in Antigua will assist you in obtaining citizenship in those jurisdictions that offer such possibility through their governmental programs.