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Newly appointed as the Deputy Managing Director of Hachiko Financial Corporate, Alberto Rovere brings his energetic and affable personality to this new role
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Alberto Rovere

Deputy Managing Director

With a strong sense of commitment, Alberto oversees the day to day operations of our office in Antigua, ensuring a consistently outstanding service for our clients. Likewise, he plays a crucial role in introducing international clients to the company's products and services.


Originally from Italy, Alberto entered the business world at a young age when he started his own firm in the beverage industry in his early 17’s.


The start-up had a rising success due mostly to Alberto Rovere’s focus and natural skills in the marketing of the business, and he learned the importance of relationship-building and delivering on his commitments. The economy in Italy receded badly, which impacted his company greatly.


After selling his business, Alberto decided that Italy was not a fertile place to continue his career and following a love of the ocean and the Caribbean he re-located to Antigua in 2014.


Working for HNWI clientele, Alberto Rovere discovered his affinity, and he specialized on citizenship and residency programs for the Caribbean Market.